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sandy kitt Email

Just wanted to let all of you know I'm thinking of you on this veteran's day & want to thank all of you for fighting for our freedom. Still hard to believe Kirk isn't here.He was so proud to be part of your unit.
                                                                Sandy Kitt(Doc Kitt's wife)

Ken Agnew Email

I am attempting ( so far in vain) to contact 1st Battalion 4th USMCwith regards to a presentation of a plaque, the plaque is commemorative of the 1927 uprising in Shanghai Chime where bye the 4th USMC where alongside my regiment The Green Howards. A relationship between the two regiments was established after my regiment corps of drums taught the 4th USMC how to play the fife, a set of which had been presented to the 4th USMC by the American by a Colonel Fessenden, the fifes became known as the Fesenden Fifes, for thier effort the USMC presented the Green Howards with a silver topped Mace that is still used today, the last time  USMC were on parade with the mace was in Tripoli Libya on Sept 20th...I am a veteran of the Green Howards, along with Major ( retired ) Roddy Bailey  have put together a plaque that I would like to present to 1st Battalion 4th USMC in order to re kindle the relationship, I live in Canada but will be in Florida in Jan / Feb 2013, I am hoping that some arrangement could possibly be made in order that I can make this presentation, kindly e mail me at the address given, Thank you in advance......Ken Agnew

Andrew E.Devlin Email

I was a member of 1/4 3rd Mar. Div. I was in Super Squad in 1976. Camp Hansen 

Brian Leigh 

My dad, James B. Leigh, served in:
1st Platoon / A Company / 1st Battalion / 4th Marines 
(10 OCT 1966 - 27 FEB 1967)
He was wounded on 27 FEB '67, during Phase II of Operation Deckhouse VI. He survived his wounds and went on to raise three kids. He worked as a computer engineer for AT&T for nearly 27 years, before passing away on 2 March 1997, after a brief battle with cancer. I was 16 years old at the time. I may have only had 16 years with him, but it was long enough to learn just how wonderful he was. He taught me to be a proud, patriotic American and to never take the freedoms afforded me by men like you for granted. I would like to hear from anyone who may have known my dad during his time in the Marine Corps.  

David Shurr Email

I was Sgt. Shurr from 1st battalion 4th marines 3rd marine div. I was in Charlie co. 3rd platoon from aug. 1967 to end of July 1968. I was in operation granite and operation loon. I am still looking for staff sergeant Thornton from chicago. Also Glen Weeks wrote in hear 3/15/12 and did not leave his e-mail. I would like to hear from him and a guy by the name of Rufus Young , and any one else who was there then . Great web site . Thanks Dave
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