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warren Johnson Email

Interesting site. VA says I've got ptsd. Was with 1/4 h&s, Bco. Rock pile, Dong Ha, DMZ, etc July66 Aug67. Anyone know anything of C co? I was being transfered to C the night they were overrun. Chopper pilot put down at Bco DMZ cause of incoming. Sat there all night watching the firefight. Can't remember much anymore. It just won't go away.

Shawn Humes Email

To the gentlemen that created this website, thank you!  My father is George Humes(labeled Sgt. Hume in video number one) and to see him in this picture was amazing.  He has never been able to discuss much of his experience with me and my family so anything i can see and hear is most appreciative.  Thank you to all who have served, are currently serving and continue to serve.  I can't thank you enough!

Shawn Humes

Kenneth Cottman Email


Served with company C-1/4 1965-1966.

richard gammons Email

member of both A & C Companies 1st Bn 4th Marines 7/66 - 8/67.

sandy kitt Email

Just wanted to let all of you know I'm thinking of you on this veteran's day & want to thank all of you for fighting for our freedom. Still hard to believe Kirk isn't here.He was so proud to be part of your unit.
                                                                Sandy Kitt(Doc Kitt's wife)
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