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Tom Mullin Email

I had the privilege to serve with the men of Bravo Company,1St. Bn.4Th. Marines, 3rd Mar Div. from September 1967-October 1968. Northern I Corps. Con Thien, Phu Bai, Dong Ha, Camp Carroll,Vandergrift, etc. Quang Tri Providence. I will be at our reunion in October and really look forward to seeing my brother Marines that I served with. God Bless! Semper Fi!

Deb Gallatin 

Thanks for a great site! My uncle, Raymond Monroe, served with the 1/4,third marine division. He received two purple hearts, one March 5, '69 and the second May 28, '69. He was from Cold Spring, New York. Do any of his brothers remember serving with him? I was so very proud to know him as both my uncle, and as a person. He passed away after the culmination of a number of devastating strokes. The doctors directly related this to the effects of agent orange. I still miss him after almost 20 yrs. I was wondering why my uncle wasn't listed on the page of 1st battalion, 4th marines, ( Charlie Company) that are deceased after Vietnam? Is there any way to rectify this? Thanks to all who served and continue to do so today. Semper Fi ♡♡♡

Deb Gallatin Email

On the subject of agent orange, my uncle, Raymond Monroe, suffered from severe Parkinson's disease before blood clots in his brain caused him to have multiple strokes and die. I wonder if any of our boys were unaffected by the dioxin that was liberally sprayed over large areas where our fighting forces were located?

Cpl. George Challies Email

VietNam 1965 H@S 81 com have lots of pictures

Ben LaParne Email

There in LZ Loon I see my picture vague memories of...Charlie co 1/4
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