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First Battalion Fourh Marines Guestbook

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ken green Email

Looking for Jim Evans, He was in 60's of C Co. '66-'67.I was 81's f.o. radio with C Co. at the time and had known Evans at Lejeune.He Visited me twice back in the 70's and lost track of him.He worked for the U.S. F.D.A. on the road.His main buddy in 60's was Jesse Burkett from Asbury Pk.,N.J. He helped save me by sharing his hole one night during Beacon Hill[3-'67].Our little hill we were on got plastered good with 82's in the a.m.Thanks to Evans all I lost was a torn up tape antenna.This happened near the spot that the much respected and loved Lt. Housh was KIA.His 3rd.plt.C co. has never forgotten him!

SGT. Richard Sandoval  Email

I served with 1/4 from 1999 - 2004. Weapons co. 81's plt.
I also served in Iraq 2003 , & looking to stay connected with fellow
Devil- Dogs.

Elliott Joyner Email

I served with D-1-4, 1st.plt.from 5-66 to 3-67. I was wounded in the sept.17 ambush near the Rockpile.Wounded again 3-25-67 on operation Beacon Hill.
Lost my 1st.Lt. Cox on this day.A great leader of men.

james jones Email

Sempi Fi!

Tony Kelichner Email

I met the 1st Mar. Brig.( c-1-4) Okie-1965. We landed in Chu Lai May 7,65. I'm looking for Sgt Isaac S Maiava (Gentle Giant), PFC Henry C May Jr. and CPL John E Quintero. I've been talking to "Stump" and CPL Harvey A Cohen already and found out  "Ding Dong" Bell has passed recently and is guarding the Pearly Gates. Our Brother PFC Robert Lopez  was killed in 1966 after we were transferred to B-1-3 (Danang). I was with him on that day and will take those memories to the grave with me. To all those brothers who served with me, please e-mail me-we're not getting any younger. Semper Fi   Tony K.
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