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Andy Wyczlinski Email

Just reiterate what Ken has said about May 8, 1967. I was with 11th Engineers. That was a night none of us will forget and never forget those that paid the ultimate sacrifice. 
Semper Fi! brothers.

Ken Green Email

It's now about 3pm May 7 EST. Exactly 50 yrs. ago[it was on May 8 at 3 am RVN time]Delta and Alpha 1/4 were overrun on ConTien by an NVA Regt.It started at 3am and lasted 'til about 8 or 9 am.When it was through Delta lost 44 KIA and Alpha I'm not sure how many were lost when a relief amtrac burnt after an RPG hit it.The NVA left about 110 bodies behind  inside the wire.Just like Guadalcanal,Tarawa,Iwo,and the Chosin,we stopped them and held the ground.Thank God we were Marines!!!  Ken Green

SgtMaj Shafer Email


Battalion Sergeant Major: Mar 2016- present.  Looking forward to communication with China Marines.  Currently deployed with the 11th MEU.  deployed email:

SgtMaj Shaffer
China 9

Jerry O'Connor Email

Served with Charlie Co,1/4,weapons plt,machine gun sect.
from June 64 to Dec 65 landed in Vietnam May7,1965. While reading comments in your guestbook. I recognized a Marine named Bennie Rivera. We were in the same squad.
Also I recall a Navy Corpsman,Doc Gillespie who was assigned to our company. Semper Fi.

tom selbin Email

I was with 3/4 I co. hungout in kiki with 81 mortar guys known as the 5th section sharks. some names I recall, challis,pokorny,smith I was wia fighting kanakis.
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