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Mike Green Email

Would like to make contact with any marines who served with pfc James L Preziosi; who was killed Oct 29 1968 while serving as a machine gunner with A Co 1/4

Mike Green 

I am looking to make contact with any marine who served with Pfc. James L Preziosi. I believe he was with A co. 1 battalion 4th Marines serving in 1967 / 1968. Any contact would be appreciated. Semper Fi !

Milan Petrovic Email

I served from October 1966 to November 1967.
1/4 Delta Co. 2nd Platoon 3rd Marine Division.
Would like to know if any of you remember me.

Byron Moore Email

I'm sharing the following post that was made on the 1-4 battalion Facebook site.  Any 1966 D-1-4 Marines that can help with this???

Hoping someone might know who the following Marine was in Delta 1/4. Or maybe he's on this site. Sept. 16, 1966 I was shot down in the mutters ridge zone spending some time with Delta Co. I was going back to the chopper to drain the fuel out and some Marine yelled my name out and we exchanged a few words. I can't remember who he was or where I new him from and recently it's been bothering me.
Any help would be appreciated. 
Cpl.Ron Luks

Dr. Larry Bear Email

I was a member of 1st Bn 4th Marines III MAF, 0331 assigned to Delta company 3rd Plt from Weapons Plt. I was with Delta when we went into 484 LZ Loon. I remember the RPGs flying at my position and while firing the gun i was running out of ammo and yelling back screaming for more ammo. We were short and the 1st Sgt was trying to get ammo from the gun on the backside and get it to me. with 3 RPGs striking in front  and behind my position. Small arms fire was striking all around and I kept firing intermittently trying to conserve ammo. I remember the planes dropping Napalm directly in front of my position and I could feel the heat as it burned.
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