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First Battalion Fourh Marines Guestbook

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tom selbin Email

I was with 3/4 I co. hungout in kiki with 81 mortar guys known as the 5th section sharks. some names I recall, challis,pokorny,smith I was wia fighting kanakis.

Drew Arthur 

I was on the US Marine Corps Super Squad, 1/4 3rd Marines Camp Hansen Okinawa. We competed at Quantico Va- We came in second place to Okinawas 9th Marines Super Squad that year

William G Howell Email

I was with 1/4 3rd Marine div. 81 mortars from Nov 67 till Dec 68.  I was wandering if any one remember me or had pictures, looking for any people who was with me

James C DeWitt 

I was a Corpsman assigned to D 1/4 3rd Mar Div
from Nov 68 till I was wounded on 3/21/69. Which then I was taken to 3rd Med Bn, then to USS Repose.  When released back to duty, I was assigned to 3rd Med Bn at Quant Tri.  Left Viet 
Nam in Nov 69.

I was first assigned into the bush to D 1/4 in Nov 68 I replace Doc Roger Marcum.

Other Corpsman in our unit was Tom Swift and then David Dwayne Overstreet.

Would like to hear from any of the Marines that
remember me or one of my fellow Corpsman.  It was an honor and privilege serving with the Marines.

thad deas Email

I served with1-4 Delta co early 69 until pull out to  Okinawa.
I'm in touch with Bobby (little man) Saldona. Once was in contact with Kenny and Taylor of NY. 
I can't remember a lot but names like

Hub Cap from Baltimore,
Doc (corpman) Stafford from Sanford, Fl
James Reeves from NC

Would like to hear from anyone, if there's reunioni information please contact me...

Semper Fi
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