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Gregory J Williams Email

My name is Gregory J Williams. Cpl. USMC. I served with A1/4 in Vietnam from Dec. 27th 1967 to Feb. 14 1969. I was an 0331 m-60 machine gunner.

Does anyone remember me? My M-60 fore-arm assembly read "BAD NEWS"

I would like someone from the reunion committee to contact my friends e-mail about attending the next reunion

Mike Green Email

Would like to make contact with any marines who served with pfc James L Preziosi; who was killed Oct 29 1968 while serving as a machine gunner with A Co 1/4

Mike Green 

I am looking to make contact with any marine who served with Pfc. James L Preziosi. I believe he was with A co. 1 battalion 4th Marines serving in 1967 / 1968. Any contact would be appreciated. Semper Fi !

Milan Petrovic Email

I served from October 1966 to November 1967.
1/4 Delta Co. 2nd Platoon 3rd Marine Division.
Would like to know if any of you remember me.

Byron Moore Email

I'm sharing the following post that was made on the 1-4 battalion Facebook site.  Any 1966 D-1-4 Marines that can help with this???

Hoping someone might know who the following Marine was in Delta 1/4. Or maybe he's on this site. Sept. 16, 1966 I was shot down in the mutters ridge zone spending some time with Delta Co. I was going back to the chopper to drain the fuel out and some Marine yelled my name out and we exchanged a few words. I can't remember who he was or where I new him from and recently it's been bothering me.
Any help would be appreciated. 
Cpl.Ron Luks
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