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First Battalion Fourh Marines Guestbook

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Ron Knowles Email

2nd Squad Bravo Co. 1/4 3rd Mar.Div. 67-68 
Exotic Locations seen: Phu Bai, Dong Ha, C-2, Con Thien, Camp Carroll, Camp Vandergrift & many FSB's and LZ's. Most of the time I just went where I was told without knowing where I was. 
Anyone remember the sweep along the DMZ from Con Thien towards Dong Ha on 5.22.68 when we ran into bunkers and were ambushed? Tanks came from Con Thien or C-2 the next morning when we finally gathered our dead. 
Anyone remember Point Man Robert Hunter, shot in lower jaw, Machine Gunner William Hamacher, KIA or Blooper Man ? Jacobs, KIA and others who have faded from my memory? 
There were many terrifying, miserable moments there but we the lucky ones made it back to 'The World'. 
Semper Fi

Johnny Matthews Email


I was a Hospital Corpsman with Bravo Co. 1/4 in 1966.  I am looking for anyone that remembers/has pictures of Snaggletooth, Operation Oregon, or any time during 1966. I would like to contact  any corpsman that served in Vietnam. I am also looking for Cpl/Sgt Billy Floyd.  SEMPER FI  Doc Matthews

Steve Habursky Email

Served in Bravo 1/4 2nd platoon from May 67 to June 68.  Still in touch with Lt. Joe Johnston and Phil Turner (both WIA May 22, 68) and Joe Petrella.  Looking forward to hear from anyone during that time.
Semper Fi
Sgt. Ski

Chuck Edmonds Email

With many years of coming to the 4th Marine web site it feels like everyone here is still family.
This is the 3rd guest book I have signed for this web site.
Thanks for letting me still be a part of my firstn FMF duty duty station,  Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii 1956-58.

Kristina Tomsen Email

Hello...I came across this website while trying to research my dad's service in the Marines. I have his DD 214 and it says last duty assignment and major command is Co "B" 1stBn 4th Mar (Rein) 1st MarBrig.

He was in the Service from 2 Jun 58 to 10 Jul 62 with some Reserve duty from what I can tell til 22 Aug 63. 

His name was Gerald Belanger. 

If you can help me out with any information, I'd appreciate it.  Please email me.

Kristina Tomsen

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