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First Battalion Fourh Marines Guestbook

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lstSgt Clyde Ash (Ret) Email

Just informed of website today.  Sent msg to Jim Takatsch.
Looking forward to contact.

Charles W. Goerig Email


Great web site I served in 1/4 alpha co. '67/'68. Would like to hear from any Brothers who served with me. Semper Fi to all who served.............the KID (now old man)

CPL Martinez, E J Email

 I was with the 1/4 during the whole year 1975 assigned to Delta co. Weapons Platoon and I was wondering if you knew about awards and medals the unit recieved during that time. We were the unit that brought back the Mayaquez and part of our unit landed on the ship and the other tried to land on Kotang island. We were scattered around for a while during that time but somehow we all met up about a month later in Subic bay.
 I am now with the Semper Fi #1 Honor Detail located at Riverside Memorial Cementary where we render Honors to our fallen heros. You can look us up under Look forward to hearing from you, I have a bet with someone that has been bragging about medals. I feel that those that earned them deserve to wear them and I don't brag about being anything but a MARINE!

                         Semper Fi
                        Martinez, EJ

Tracy Brasel Email


76 to 79 H&S Company 106s

David Booth Email


I was with 1/4 from 76-81. I was one of the first few assigned when the battalion reformed and stayed until we move to 29 Palms. I was the Charlie Company Armor my whole time there so I am sure everyone just loved me when they came in from the field and tried to turn in a dirty rifle. Would love to here from some of my old buds.

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