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George Rostron 


Join B/1/4 Sept of 65. Was a squad ldr but do not remember which Plt. Does anyone remember when the actor Robert Mitchum visited us on the ridge over looking the airstrip. Went to C/1/4  1ST of FEB 66

Roy Hatfield Email


H&S 1st BN. 4th Mar. 3rd Mar Div Okinawa Camp Hansen 1977.

Lori Sturgeon Email


Thanks to all who serve our country and a special thanks to my son 2nd Lt. TJ Herzog for being the best son a mother could ever ask for.. He has been a great roll model to his younger brother Mitchell as well... I pray for you all, be safe and always stay in touch with "GOD" as he will always be there for you... "In Him" Lori Sturgeon- Mother of 2nd Lt. TJ Herzog    ><>

Terry Sturgeon Email


I am the dad of 2nd Lt. TJ Herzog, I just want to say I am very Proud of my son and all he has accomplished... I also want to thank all the men & women who are serving... Be safe and I will be praying for you all,  Bless you, Terry Sturgeon -father of 2nd Lt. TJ Herzog   ><>  ><>

Ken "Buzz" Riley Email

Great site "Thurman" !!  
Had just been informed of this site a week or so ago,  in 1966 I had been assigned to "C"-co. 1/4,  upon my arrival from Danang to Phu Bai,  Vietnam then became this was no longer "Cowboy & Indian" games.  "C"-co.,  as I remembered had received "heavy" casualties before my arrival in country.  I can only remember that for 1-2 weeks we {newbee's} stood bunker watch,  awaiting 782 gear, rifles, and fatiques/boots.  An eye opener to say the least.
Pop flares, granades was my recall, to stand watch {bunker} @ the perimeter/LP.   From "C"-co 1/4,  I was then assigned to CAC/CAP,  this is when I met a another Marine,  by the name  of Tyler, we were both assigned to the same unit, he was originally from New Jersey and me {Rhode Island}.  In 2009,  after 43 years we were to meet again,  a long story as to how it happened, but it was "God's will that made this happen after 43 years of no contact.  It is a wonderful story of how it actually went down,  without any plan.   Tyler directed me to this site,  found myself on the list and also Tyler's.   Keep up the "great work",
"WELCOME HOME BROTHER'S",     "SEMPER FI"     RVN 66-67..end
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