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Brian Ledet Email

My father is Lee "Pepe" Ledet and he was in D 1/4 from '65 - '66".  I am looking for anyone who may have served with him.  

Brian Ledet Email

My father is Lee "Pepe" Ledet.  He joined Delta Company 1/4 on 27 Nov 65.  I just wanted to reach out to anyone who might know my Dad.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like.  Thank you all for your service.

Paul Douglass Email

Served in H&S Company 1/4, Viet Nam:May 1965 - January 1966. at Chu Lai.  Stationed in Hawaii at Kaneohe Bay prior to that.


1974 BLT 1/4 USS New Orleans, H&S 81's Camp Hansen to MAU to you-know-what...  Looking for Jim Dobson Scott Richter or any other Harv's, Chief, Bell.  Bugis Street has changed after all these years, haven't heard of Marines getting anymore ships thrown out of port since then.  Would love to hear from any 81's or friends from Onna Point.  

Dan Gardner Email

2nd Lt Carl R Wilson Jr was KIA on 03/21/69 at FSB Argonne.

Carl served in 1/4 beginning 08/11/68, first as a Bravo platoon leader and later as the Bn S-2.  I am his cousin and I and other family members are seeking information, personal accounts, and pictures to memorialize Carl's service in the USMC and in 1/4.

The following is Carl's virtual wall link.

As you may be able to tell from my last 3 Wall of Faces rembrances, my discovery 50 years later that Carl is my cousin and that we were both infantry platoon leaders in I Corps at about the same time is quite ironic.  Even more ironic is that we were cousins and didn't even know of each other at the time we served in Vietnam.

Any assistance the members of the 1/4 Association can offer will be greatly appreciated.  You have an exceptional website. Semper Fi.
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