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Christopher A Levingston Email

I was a member of H&S 1/4 worked in S-1 and S-3 Jun 89 - Jun 92.  I was a Marine from Jan 1989 - Jan 1997.

Eddie Dunn Email

I was a member of India and Mike Co.'S 3rd Bn,4th Mar, 3rd Mar Div in 74 an75! I extended and was transferred to Alpha Co 1st Bn,4th Mar in 75! 26 months in WESPAC an all I have is a Natl Def Ribbon! I've been trying to find out for 40 some years now what ribbons I rate having been a part of Eagle Pull,Talon Vise,Frequent Wind,and SSMayaguez operations! My DD214 is lacking info except the units I was with! I struggle with PTSD with no explanation except I know I was there,with no info to back it up! 26 month blackout? And here's your Natl Def Ribbon! I'm at my wits end! Can someone help? I'm not computer savvy so my address is 2351 McCulloch bl no #8 Lake Havasu City,Arizona 86403. Semper Fi,till I die,Marines!

David Bobbitt Email

Served with Delta 1/4 on lzloon trying to always thanking about the Marines that where wounded sitting on the lz behind me was told to gurad them untill medicvac picked them up. But we had. Rocket fire at that time. Three rounds hit the lz was always wondering if any of those guys laying there made it out because once my team was able to get back to our feet just before there was a chopper that came in there was five guys there but under fire I hope they made it out

David Bobbitt Email

I served with. Delta 1/4 3td Marnie. Div in. Vietnam from. May 27th 1968 was sent to. Delta on May 28 the that week join up with them st con ten we moved out from there around the ,3td of June moved to. Camp. Carroll stay the night joined up with Charlie company the next day they lower us on choppers heading for. Lzloon I landed with. Charlie company it was getting dark so they flag the rest of the choppers off untill the next day I spend the night with my sq with Charlie company looking for the five Marines that was with me at the. Pfc. Berry. Pfc Jerry. Phelepd Tim. Frazer got killed the next day he in my sq. 1sq 1dt plt Delta we where holding the left of the lz on top of the hill this all happen when we got over ran by the. NVA the got in our lines it became hand to hand cocombat that morning would like to hear from. People. Delta 1/4 I went to c1/4 reunion back in June. Of this year. 2017. Met our company commener there. 1st
1st Lt Michael Jackson

Marina Herrera Email

My Father, Jose Maria Martinez, served in Vietnam. I came across your website last night and showed him. He asked me to forward to you the following message:

"I served with A 1/4 67/68. From Camp Evans to Con Thien, the Wash Out, Cam Lo, Charlie 2. We crossed The Ben Hai into North Vietnam looking for an underground hospital and arms cashe. 1st Sgt Crawford who later became the Sgt. Major of the CORPS. Lt. Webb K. I. A. Outside of Con Thien. Cpl. Cortez, Sgt. Sanders. Sgt. Ciconni, John Wayne Jeffries, big Bob Cole, Joe Evans and so many more. This and many of our Brothers. SEMPER FIDELIS!!"

My Father has since been deported to Mexico. So if any of you are ever down in the border town of Nuevo Progresso, Mexico, just across from Weslaco, Tx, I know he'd very much enjoy a visit.
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